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Yearbook Contest

Written by Donna Marsheck-OGC Yearbook Chairman

I know some Districts are bringing yearbooks to be judged by state to to state board meeting.
This is how they will be judged according to NGC 2019-2020. Winners will be sent on to SCR.
PLEASE enter according to size of club with 1st place for each size!
If the Yearbooks are for two years, they can be entered in either year....
These rules are taken from NGC Website.  I have reformatted to cover this specific contest.
If your district or Council wants to send a  yearbook to be judged, I can reformat those rules for you; let me know....

The state of Oklahoma can be more lenient on the submission deadline, but book may not make it to SCR contest.....

Spread the word to your clubs......

First place winners in each catagory on the District level are due to State Chairman October of each year