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Spunky Squirrel Coloring Contest

PURPOSE: To create an interest in “Urban Forest” by planting and protecting our trees for gardeners and particularly children and youth.
Division I   – Kindergarten 1st and 2nd grades
Division II  – Grades 3,4,5,
Division III – Grades 6,7,8,
Division IV – Grades 9 to 17 years of age
Division V  – Special Needs
Division VI – Senior Citizens

1. Poster must be 12×18 inches
2. “Care For Trees” NOT REQUIRED on poster.                     Label the poster with ‘Spunky Squirrel says “Trees are Important!’
3. No restrictions on materials used.
4. On Back lower right hand corner of poster tape a separate tag with the following information: Name, street, town, grade, division number, school, parents’s name, Garden Club sponsor, & District and division.
Originalty –                                 20 points
Design –                                      20 points
Artwork –                                    30 points
Labeling –                                    10 points
Overall Effectiveness of Message – 20 points
Total Points                                100
State Awards:
Division I,II,III,IV: 1st $10., 2nd $7. 3rd – $5.
Division V and VI: Certificates only
Deadline: Mail first place posters to State Youth Activities Chairman NO LATER than December 1.
This is a District and State Contest Only!